About the Author

The Rev. Dr. Gene Skipworth is a retired United Methodist pastor living in Fairfield Glade TN in Cumberland County. “Skip” lives in what is often called, The Bible Belt. For seven years he wrote a column for the Cookeville Herald Citizen for the weekly religion section. He wrote a book about the responses to his articles entitled, Bullied in The Bible-belt.

From 1969-1973, Dr. Skipworth served the Northside United Methodist Church and wrote his first book about his ministry to outlaw motorcycle gangs, Wear Your Color. The gangs tolerated him because the beatings never kept him away and he raced motorcycles.

In the book, The Black Three, he introduces the players in a special way. He also captures the hatred and violence when prejudice raises its ugly head. Reconciliation and harmony is realized when grace is expressed by unexpected persons.